I Feel Sorry

I read a story this morning in which a single mother from Puerto Rico is going to lose her house because she’s unemployed. But that is not all, she have three kids, one who have a strange disease called D-2-hydroxyglutaric aciduria in which he can’t talk, or walk and needs a respirator to survive. In her story, she used all her funds and savings and he owes the electricity company more than 1,000 dollars, the water company cut their service and now she’s facing foreclosure from the bank. Puerto Rico have a lot of federal programs including Food Stamps, Subsidized Housing, Medicare and Medicaid among others, and this “poor” woman can’t get help anywhere. It’s very unfair that families are cheating the system, but people who really needs the help, are stranded between a rock and a very hard place.

Still there’s a few questions about the issue the most important that came into my mind was:

“Where’s the Deadbead DAD?”

Doesn’t he suppose to take care of the kids for their well being instead of disappearing from the face of the earth?

Another Question:

If she knew this child would be born with mental or physical difficulties, why she didn’t abort the pregnancy in the first place?

Here’s more:

Did her parents if they’re still alive are helping the cause? If she went and search for help to avoid losing her home?

I know the media in Puerto Rico are very sensationalists when it comes to report a story such as these. And there’s something that can be done to help this woman or any who is facing the same or worst conditions. But the reality of it all is that it’s all in the hands of chance. But the thing is, and sadly, if Planned Parenhood were in the picture, she would be depending on herself with a productive job and wait until she’s ready and sure to have a family.


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