Some Bits And Pieces

I haven’t got to read what’s going on in the last couple of weeks n but I have been working to survive like anyone else just to get by in this transition from a full-timer to just barely have too juggle between two low pay jobs. Unions are disappearing slowly and corporations can do at will to eliminate workers who don’t even conform their norm. I heard a lot of stories of individuals being lay off because of multiple excuses, not rational reasons other than save a buck or a few million dollars and that annoys me. The education system is now for profit instead of helping individuals find their calling in life. It’s just about spending a lot of money they don’t have to then ending up crumbled in debts they cannot pay because they’re stuck in a dead-end job. It’s about keeping them in control.

And then there’s the so called celebrities doing everything except helping this economy, while politicians are still talking about gun control instead of implementing a real fix to the health care system. While there’s no real rallies because of fear of pepper sprays and booking as a domestic terrorist. The middle class have disappeared a long time ago and now there’s the poor and the rich in the equation. After all what the middle class have done over the years to make this country what it was, all what they received is a kick in the ass. And it doesn’t look good to other countries that evolved or should I say matured over the decades.

So if people doesn’t do absolutely nothing besides watching sports or American Idiot… I mean Idol, we’re gonna be fucked in the ass by the corporations and then we’re gonna be ending up like the movie “Time’s Up” in which in order to survive we have to pay our life time. This corrupted political system have to abolished and bring the real democracy back without the interference of the corporations. Make the corporations make accountable and responsible for their actions. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure it out. Corporations ruined every word from the US constitution and replaced it with money and cents.

Another thing… what would happens if the debilitating United States handles a foreign invasion? If you’re not ready for protecting your family against it, I doubt the government would do that for you. And celebrities or shows can’t help you either. So, just imagine this is a real inflation where corporations are destroying our way of life, want are you gonna do? Sit around watching TV? Hide under the bed and pray everything is alright? Or defend your territory? The reality of this is that they rather be shredded to bits and pieces that fighting. And it’s sad. Very sad.


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