If The Rich Elite Can’t Pay, Make Them Accountable

I read and heard news in the coming weeks about millionaires, from businessmen, CEO’s to Celebrities are leaving the US by quitting their citizenship over the high cost of paying taxes.

That’s plain bulloney! First of all, during the great recession, the government implemented rules and bills for everyone to live comfortably, while demanding the rich who caused it to pay their share. In the following decades, the rich elite were sadly dominating and influencing politicians to do their biding once again, by trying to skip taxes, eliminating social programs like Medicaid, Food Stamps, Medicare and in some trying to privatize it.

Now because of the recession (or the BIG recession) in which the housing market collapsed, good paying jobs have been moved overseas while displaced workers have to meet ends meet by getting two or three minimum wage jobs with no benefits, no vacation in some cases, no security. And this is what the Rich are doing right now? Instead of sucking up and deal with it, they just want to leave the country and move with their earnings elsewhere.

I think of a great idea. If you want to leave this country, you’re not going back, not even for a visit until they pay their share. There’s a lot of disappearing middle class families having to pay what the Rich can’t, just to keep this country afloat. And yes, the Rich caused this in the first place and instead of being responsible for their actions, they just want to leave?

Oh well, here’s the kicker, if you want to leave this country, You can’t go back. If the economy gets better, you cannot come back and live out of our blood, sweat and tears for so long. The Rich mandatory have to pay their share, fair and square to keep this country working, otherwise who’s gonna pay their senators, congressmen and even the President? I just wonder.


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