Women Can’t do it All… What’s more?

Offering military women to be in front of combat is a huge mistake,. Not only it will put them in harm’s way, but it will put them in a uncomfortable situations with the male population to the point of more sexual attacks and harassment. Well, the feminism agenda must be happy about it they’re willing to get a bullet, a lost limb and inappropriate conduct on their own.

No wonder men are acting like pussies and women are doing it all… Wrong! In the past, men were in the front of the battle while some women who chose the military were nurses. Now, with the feminism infection women want to do the same as males, but they don’t want to be punched in the face. They want “equality” by living out of wedlock, while juggling work, kids, welfare benefits and don’t forget child support and joint custody, while replacing father figures constantly like changing their underwear. But here’s a but, they don’t want to assume their own responsibility, their own fuck ups and instead they just cry and bitch like if they’re victims of something while blaming everything except themselves.

Seriously, if they cannot take care of themselves I don’t know why the military should gave women the chance to be in the front lines, when they can’t even sew, cook, clean, take care of their children, in some terms, do the women role and keeping their legs closed.


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