The Gospel According to Kim Kardashian… Or any other celebrity pregnancy stories.

All I wanted to do right now is to relax into this new year. But then again, stupidity happens. This time, Kanye West, the arrogant asshole who think that using autotune can help him sing, announced at a concert that his ho Kim Kardashian is expecting his baby. That’s great news! Oh wait a minute! Are you guys married? How the hell it happened? Her parents would be screaming, crying and with huge anger because of that fuck up. Indeed, it’s a fuck up. Women denigrate themselves in a way that becoming pregnant without legally filing for matrimony is normal. No wonder gays wants to take advantage of this, because whores like Kim take marriage like a game and then sleep around with some jackass that have no talent and there you have it, you have babies.

It’s absurd that so called women dress provocatively, act like cougars and behaves like a drunken sailor when they complain about why the hell they can’t get into a guy who can marry them, you know the answer.


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