Fiscal Fiasco

Here’s the deal everybody. Why the hell these repukes screw up a nice and fair resolution by President Obama in order to fix this economy? I don’t get it! Isn’t because they just want the rich pay nothing while the extinguished middle and low class pay huge amounts while trying to get by or surviving not to be attacked by the herd of zombies? Doesn’t suppose that the government is
accountable from how they spend our taxes to even buying pens and pencils? Why the hell the American people have to explain everything to a government that demands your money every time, when the government doesn’t give a rat ass what they do to your money?  It’s just questioning the government, not the other way around.

If they screw this it’s not Obama’s fault, it’s the republicans fault. And the American people will act more than the protesters in Syria… if they’re not chicken out and sit on their ass watching another episode of Honey Boo Boo.  Time will tell, time will tell.

Let’s hope in the next year things will be different in a positive sense that Americans will get their American Dreams back… or else.


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