Few Things Everybody Should Avoid In 2013

If 2011 was a year in disbelief, perhaps 2012 is the year of WTF, STFU, ROFLMAO and DGAF (Don’t give a fuck) with a doze of OMG. Then you wonder why the hell the world didn’t end. I have a few list that maybe next year we should, everyone would avoid this like the plague. Otherwise, we would be heading to the world of Idiocracy.

  • Reality Shows Should be Eliminated from the face of the Earth: From Storage Wars to Honey Boo Boo and annoying singing competitions that the winners relies solely on Autotune software to make them sing good, America fascination for reality TV nearly quadrupled in the past years. Every jackass wants to get the 15 minutes of fame and they would do anything (from stupid to controversial) to get your attention and ratings to keep on the air. Reality TV isn’t reality. You want reality? Go out and see what the real world have to offer. Not looking at the Kardashians drama over who will wear their tiny polka dot bikinis. Sooner it will come a time that Scripted TV is more interesting than this pile of garbage.
  • Autotuned Music doesn’t mean you’re all that: I’m sorry but for my understanding is that musicians have to sing good, have the ability to write meaningful but catchy lyrics and a great charisma to reach the masses. Unfortunately with no sex, no drugs and no rock & roll and you have mediocre, out of touch, arrogant clowns that they think they’re bigger than Jesus mentality, relying on pretty plastic face and body. With their ugly voices enhanced with Autotuned software (thank you Antares for screwing everyone else who really can sing), crappy lyrics that so called producers with the attention span of a canoe wrote these piece of crap and record companies pushing it to the radio stations and social media to the point that mostly every music illiterate suck it up like a sponge. It’s not about talent than profit anymore, it’s the opposite and I rather be away from it and listening to Classic Rock. Two Words: Freddie Mercury.
  • Shootings USA: Sadly the US had faced and encountered tons of shootings from deranged, mentally disturbed people from their jobs, churches, movie theaters, shopping malls and the latest shootings in a elementary school that shocked the nation. Shocked isn’t the right word to say it, how about outrage? The debate over Gun Control never been so blindly immature when the NRA instead of stepping out of the issue, literally decided to play Clint Eastwood and got smashed while the issue of mental illness goes up in smoke, practically ignored, after that shooting in Sally Hook, another decided to do that in another state. Guns should be away from regular folks as soon as possible and yes, improve the Mental Health System.
  • Weed Country and Gay Marriages: It’s finally time to smoke some blunt while watching girl on girl action tie the knot and conservatives have to shove it up their asses. To make weed free or getting married, takes dedication when people wants another alternative to nicotine or just forget the world around them without the help of “happy pills” and old couples who are together for decades finally have the right to say “I do” in front of family and friends while the Kardashians of the world takes marriage for granted to make those lavish weddings and divorce just a few weeks later, in some cases.
  • How big is my nose?: Many GOP politicians fucked it up literally before, during and after the election year from blaming the other party, to trying to know it all the female anatomy when it get raped to how to not use birth control. Even Rush Limbough called a college student a “slut” for speaking her mind about contraceptives. Blocking President Obama’s bills and plans to fix the economy wasn’t why their lost their popularity. It’s their stupidity to express their non-sense offensive opinions that are stuck in the 1900’s instead of helping this country. Oh yes, how dare they call a woman a “slut” when they’re bought in for by the millionaire elite? That’s worst than a struggled beautiful woman trying to get a sugar daddy.
  • Make the Remakes and Sequels Go Away: From Dark Shadows to Red Dawn, Hollycrap (Hollywood) had lost their creativity in making movies that are unforgettable. Bad recycled versions of movies from the 80’s and some shows from past decades, have made moviegoers up in arms. Although, a few jewels were good, it wasn’t given the attention it deserved. Plenty of CGI, bad scripting, arrogant actors doesn’t try to save this crumbled movie world, it was screwed up from the beginning. I honestly say I have more fun of watching videos from fan film enthusiasts on Youtube than this crap.
  • Bullymongs: We seen stories of teenagers being victims of bullying in school and in social media these days. I never thought for the past months how severe this practice has become and still there’s no effective methods to stop it. Bullying should become another act of hate crime and people committing it should be punished in terms of years in jail where other bigger bullies can take advantage of them. Karma kick their ass.

Don’t forget the sexual perverts, the irresponsible and dumb parents, arrogant and out of touch jackasses, lottery winners and whiners and yes dumb criminals made this year truly unforgettable to not remember… at all. Surely don’t hope next year becomes better.


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