Who The Hell You Think You Are? The Wild West?

The National Rifle Association, one of the most controversial and outspoken association supporting the use and rights of weapons because of the “second amendment” was silent after the Sally Hook Elementary School shooting that happened just a week ago. Their silence was golden during that time, while the media and the government was in a spic and span over the gun control issue (as always ignoring the obvious). Then on Dec 20, instead of millions of people getting freaked over the Mayan’s prophecy of End of the World, the NRA’s spokesperson and president Wayne LaPierre stated these words that will be the meaning of stupidity and idiocracy in America. His words wasn’t a well intended message in respect for the victims not only at Sally Hook Elementary, but to Columbine, To Virginia Tech, To Clarkamas Mall in Oregon instead it was more of another shooting spree complete with state of the art assault weapons.

“The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun,”

As I read this line on my Facebook news feed, my mind exploded, not in a very organized fashion. It was more than WTF moment. These words actually sounds like Ann Coulter uninspired sentences of dumbness. I asked myself, if I’m living in the present, or in the “Wild Wild West” where every jackass is up for themselves, shooting it up til one dies or runs while stealing some cargo. If the president will say more intelligent choice of words, maybe NRA would be forgiven. But it was already too late to fix, as it was more of a acid to the wound to the American People. His idea of protecting American Children being armed to the teeth and nail instead of letting the law enforcement and the Military to do their job is another slap to the face to these officers that have experienced dealing with negotiation than resort to violence in situations were criminals are at their most vulnerable state. Violence should come last if other methods failed.

And yes, you want gun control? Let the Police and military to be the only ones to have guns. Every one, if they want one they should get a BB Gun, Bow and Arrows (a la Hunter Games), or a Tazer Gun to protect yourself or to hunt like many here in the red states. Who the hell they think they are? Commando? Rambo? Neo from the Matrix? There’s no good guys with a gun unless they’re Police or the US Army and even that some fail at that. It was more of a bad guy with a mental illness being at the wrong time with no help, no direction causing a disgrace and a tragedy that Americans will never forget. But yet, treating Mental Illness is a well ignored and forgotten issue until there’s another shooting, which sadly occurred now in Pennsylvania. It was better the NRA kept their mouths shut indefinitely.


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