Short Notices

How long does it takes for the government to act, and not talk, about the issue of Mental Illness? Another massacre? Well, I’m so sick that every massacre no matter if it’s small or big scale like the one in Connecticut, the politicians, the media opt for the never ending issue “Gun Control.” It’s ridiculous that in order to prevent another massacre or shootings they’re gonna control the way guns are being handled and used. This is the wrong idea of scaring little children to believe that having a gun is more dangerous than a severally mental ill individual with it.

I feel sorry for the children and some of the staff gone in a flash, but I feel more sorry for the mother of the Adam Lanza, Nancy who maybe dealt it the situation like it didn’t matter or dealt with everything she could. Don’t know her life. Maybe the media told the story as if she was the most irresponsible person on earth for allowing his “autistic” son to have different types of guns in the house. For hiding Adam as a shame to her friends and relatives because of his mental illness. If she dealt it differently with an efficient Mental Health system, the story would be different. But it’s not a fairy tale of sorts, instead we’re all together in this bloody mess.



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