Fat Wars


This world have been crashing down ever since. Many have been teaching to the future generation that having a good body, with a white skin complexion and blonde hair and hypnotizing eyes will go anywhere. And sadly we’re reaping it’s results.

First of all a group of Plus-Sized women came into Chilly D’s Sports Lounge in California to enjoy a nice all girls night out. But to their surprise when they check up the bill, It was labeled with the title “Fat Girls”. They were offended, humiliated by this when they ask for the manager of the site and he couldn’t contain his laughter.

And that’s not all. A college girl in Iowa went to a group of friends to Union Bar in Iowa to then being told she’s not beautiful enough and pregnant to be on the platform.

I can’t believe we’re turning into selfish ego shallow beings who the only thing is to denigrate anything that is different. And the media and society is always the blame in the mix. People doesn’t deserve to be denigrated, downgraded treated like scum, just because they’re not thin, or light skin or perfect eyes.


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