Right To Work Fraud

I used to live in Michigan and it was unionism state. I didn’t have any problems including that my wages were above than minimum wage, I would live fine, didn’t have any issues with vacation time or taking time off. It was nice though.

But when I came to Idaho, things became a little bit harder. In the Silver Valley, which was the silver mining “capital” much of the mining is nearly extinct, so people have to focus on minimum wage jobs to survive. And the bad part is that employers are way up mean up their ass. In terms that if you do something bad or out of control, they will fire your ass. There’s no negotiation on wages, work conditions, vacations, time off or paid sickness days. You have to show up for work even if you’re sick, even if you’re nearly going to be in labor, even if you have personal problems beyond your control for minimum wage in order to survive. Because Right to Work, means you have to work like a slave, with no voice, no benefits and no opinion of what the employee wants from it’s employer.

Sadly, without no vote, on closed doors, the so-called lawmakers in Michigan approve their own bill to convert this state into a slavery owned state. It’s very sad that the people didn’t do absolutely nothing to stop it besides protesting demonstrations. Where’s the violence when it was needed? Where’s the right to bear arms in this concept. Seriously, are their pursuit of happiness for hardworking people to provide for their families are being revoked by being living under stressful conditions? Michigan crumbled economy is going to be very deteriorated because of that bill.

Right to work doesn’t and never respect any employee except to show up on time under maximum amount of stress for minimum wage and if you don’t comply with their employer’s rules, you’re outta the picture. And that’s not all, head of families will depend on Food Stamps and Food Banks and Medicaid (if they’re qualified) even more to ends meet.

The reason why Unions should be in the picture is because, these groups wants the best conditions, wages, benefits for the employee by bargaining with the employers. If their demands are not met, it will form a strike. Without it, employees are left alone with no choice while the employers take advantage of them.

Another thing, if this “Right to Work” tactic of doing it closed doors, with no public, no referendum, and only under big corporation wishes. We’re going to be surviving to get by. Unless there’s an effective act of violence to make these corporations whores known. And please, it’s an excuse to lower their wages to minimum instead of what the employee deserves.


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