I told ya so! Never Ending Quest to get Puerto Ricans their statehood.

How many times Puerto Ricans have to understand that United States, never ever gonna give them the opportunity to become this tiny territory the 51th state? They could scream, protest, even send a referendum and still United States is thinking twice about it. Not even twice, how about 100th time?

Their last intent were to post a referendum on whether they want the statehood or not on their 2012 election. The results were 824,195 opted for statehood vs. 74,812 for independence.  But that’s not the case, now after everything is said and done that they want it, the White House is playing the married man, not giving the girlfriend her wish by giving them excuses like “You have to choose” to “I didn’t receive the memo.”

I remember when I came to the once powerful United States in 2001, I was gonna receive my first tax return in 2002. I went to HR Block, talked to a representative and she was asking about my accent. As soon as I reply that I was from Puerto Rico, I just spew the words, “soon it’s gonna be a state”. Her response? She said coldly, “Puerto Rico will never be a state.” As years passed I came to the realization that Puerto Rico would be better off without the United States passing the buck. But there’s a lot of well funded myths that Puerto Ricans are afraid of. Kinda like the boogieman in political sense. Such as the first and foremost:

Puerto Ricans will starve if the United States would take out Food Stamps, Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security and Disability, Federal Grants and Financial Aid: Well, put it this way, they want the easy way, they don’t want to work hard, they don’t want to be 8 hours in the hot sun picking up sugar cane! Those times were all gone! They just want the United States to pick up the tab for their rum and cigars, party in their subsidized housing while smoking a blunt watching with their HD Tv’s bought from Walmart. And let the rest of the American Population living in the states to starve themselves.

Politicians always put this line in context. We will starve if the US will stop sending money. But what about this instead, Why don’t the people of Puerto Rico start getting jobs for real. Puerto Rico is a vast land, able to cultivate exotic fruits like Pineapples, Quenepas, Acerolas, Tamarind and even cultivate coffee. They could make manufacturing companies to make clothing, computer parts, car manufacturing among other things. Good pay and benefits. Puerto Rican politicians are so badly corrupt they want the American money to come down to them instead of helping this crime battered territory.

I always said that for years and now after too much “give me statehood or I shut my mouth” from the citizens in this territory isn’t gonna cut it this time for them. Puerto Ricans wants statehood, well, if you want that, you gonna lose your identity, like Hawaii. Hawaii isn’t a country anymore, it’s a state. They have their own identity as a exotic island, but that’s it. English is their main language. So, to the 75% who can’t understand English or either learn it or no service. They have to pay a contribution to the US government, not the Puerto Rican corrupted ones in terms of paying tax. And American Tax aren’t forgiven. If you lack paying, they will hunt your ass. Another thing is losing their identity in sports events, beauty pageants, etc. Where instead of carrying the battered Puerto Rican flag, you will carrying the United States with the additional small star in the far left. They would say, you’re an American, even though you will be treated like a second class citizen anyways not Puerto Rican. Still there’s no Puerto Rican army besides the US Army.

So, do you Puerto Ricans wants the easy way? There’s no easy way when it comes to what political status you citizens want to be, besides being humiliated in the Media and treated like second class citizens. If you have balls, certainly being independent is the best choice instead. Maybe it could become powerful as the United States themselves.


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