Macho Camacho and the Pursuit of the Death Penalty

After the unfortunate death of Puerto Rican boxer Hector “Macho” Camacho from the hands of violent crime, his legacy is torn up with controversies and the well known issue of implanting the Death Penalty in this tiny island of Puerto Rico is once again in the spotlight.

If you’re a tourist and you visit PR you may find it amuzing, beautiful and rich in history and culture. But for me, who have lived 26 years until I came to the US I saw first hand of families torn apart because of crime specially when it’s drug related.

Although unemployment is amazingly at 13% more than the US is the main reason why Peurto Ricans opt for drug trafficking, burglary and some times murders if they can’t migrate to the US. Murders against authorities, some men and women in power, and celebrities bring slight outrage from the community, but it’s nothing to be done when the judge sentence them to 30 or 40 years in jail.¬† A small percent if they’re sentenced for life in prison. But nothing can be done when convicts are out in the streets and re-offend because first there’s no effective rehabilitation programs or nothing at all. And then the so-called “Ay Bendito” (Pity Me) excuse gets in people’s minds.

Death Penalty constitutes as an injustice primarily on the poor since they can’t afford a lawyer and that’s why the law gets shelved. How many victims does it takes to finally get the Death Penalty? A lawyer? A famous Boxer? When this country have a reputation of being more violent than Detroit, New York and Los Angeles what’s the fix up for it: Death Penalty.


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