Hang Over


2012 Election caused a lot of sour taste in some mouths to the point of nausea and vomiting. I truly couldn’t believed it either. But the truth of the matter is that it’s over and we citizens have to abide by the same President for another four years. And Republicans lost their bid by their ignorant, bigoted and in some cases dumbass comments about immigration, gays and women. They simply lost their way and landed in 1880’s.

And the childish behavior is yet to come when a handful of republicans created online petitions to secede from the US to become another form of government without thinking it’s repercussions to it if the White House accept that act of stupidity.

And I wonder why the fuck they didn’t do it when Bush was in power? Every liberal, democrat, libertarian and doomsday prepper were dealing with it in an ordinary fashion. Demanding to impeach the little fucker who got seated into a comfy chair at the white house stealing votes along with the rich elite, instead of withdraw the state from America and become independent. I think nobody would think that way. But I did.

At least my conscience is clean ‘cause I didn’t vote for any of them, but yes, I voted. I placed my trust and confidence in a third party ‘cause those two primary parties were sickening to my gut. And the bad thing was that the media didn’t show the third or fourth political parties ‘cause it’s a waste of time. I think is truly a waste of time when they focus on two men that has absolutely nothing to do with helping this country than showing the alternative.

When Barrack Obama got elected once again, I didn’t feel a thing. 4 years ago I was in plain happiness because he was Black and people were giving him a chance to lead them. But I think during that he was battered, insulted, denigrated not only by the Senate, Congress, Media and it’s people, but even his own political party who gave him a chance. He is the little Black President that couldn’t. He couldn’t bring the Hope, He couldn’t bring the Change, things were getting worse and bad. And Barrack went clueless on that part. He partly lost it.

Now for the election campaigns, Mitt Romney as well as Obama should made a pillow fight. It was the most sissy ads I ever watched. Blaming this or that ads once again kinda remind me of a kid having a hard time deciding who will he go if parents are on a brink of divorce. Plain ridiculous, comparing to Obama ads four years ago, his prior ads were convincing, his present ads were not. It wasn’t energetic, charismatic anymore. It was more of blah, and conformism.

But nothing can see apart from the truth that at least we’re better off without the GOP than the Demo Party.


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