Oprah’s New Joy… African-American Women Old Nightmares


I read this news about Oprah Winfrey and I’m not feeling a happy camper, specially when I too I’m a woman of color or dark skin.

The issue of her building an “Academy” for girls in a far away country such as Africa when there’s a lot of girls in the States who are broken emotionally and physically, abused sexually, denigrated, stigmatized and often labeled as lazy, promiscuous, ugly and fat among other words and in need of a role model to encourage them to the path to improve themselves in this country is truly a slap in the face.

American women of color are always beaten for so long, too much that even if we become actress, singers, and even gymnasts there’s always something, someone who drags them down and put them in a unwanted place in society. By a comment, a video or even a picture, by any negative action, it reverse days, months, years, decades of improvement of our race and more important our womanhood.

But what’s bring me more outrage is that some women instead of being proud of what they are and help other girls who are going the same road of destruction, they’re sadly arrogant, selfish and yep, thinking that girls in Africa deserve better than girls here in the US. And that’s Oprah Winfrey comes to my mind.

Winfrey’s new joy is what? Having their girls from Africa graduating? What about black girls from the US struggling to get by in society? What about helping these girls who have promising goals and dreams tarnished, destroyed and becoming broken and bitter with such anger?

Oprah excuse when she planned that Academy, that the US women are sooo spoiled. Oh, they have “everything” and this country has nothing. Well, this is my opinion and no one else… If you want to help, let the government deal with it! Africa has it’s own government, their own rules, their own system. If they wanted an Academy for girls they should do that years ago. If the government is corrupt, let the people revolt against it. Or let them be sheep. It got so tired of helping it for decades from adopting babies, to give them food, clothes, and now a school? You have to be fucking joking, right?

I understand the concept of some people that says “You have to fix this country first, and then take care of everything else.” This one involves  Black girls, they truly need the help, not the help to be ignored.


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