Between Bullying to Death, Faking visits to Soup Kitchens… Oh Life is Wonderbar.


Canada is not extent to bullying. A young 16 year old girl has committed suicide on Oct 1o. The reason? She showed her boobs to strangers at a video chat a few years ago. She thought it wasn’t a big deal, but here’s what she didn’t know. In this cruel world, there’s a lot of people who take advantage of little souls like her and get away with it. Destroys every inch of innocence they have until they die emotionally or physically without even lay an inappropriate touch. But more outrage is because of the Canadian law enforcement that lacked the appropriate procedures to catch the guy, give him a proper weight of the law and brand him as a convicted sex offender. Barred him from society. 

She posted a youtube vid explaining her struggles and experiences with people bullying her because of one mistake. A few days later, she hung herself. Her parents are in ruins, the community is fucked, the Police department can’t do much, and the loser named Kody Maxson, Corey Hartstone among others are out in the streets seeking on a innocent victim to do their bidding.


Another guy that bid on something he can’t even do if he gets elected… and got smacked.

Vice-president runner candidate Paul Ryan did a boo boo this week when he decided to visit a food kitchen in Youngstown, Ohio to take advantage of it’s facilities, not to eat and dine, not to talk about what he’s gonna do when he get elected (over my living body), but to take a photoshoot? Yep, that’s right, a photoshoot doing something that everybody does which is washing dishes.

And boy! the President of St. Vincent De Paul Society who runs the soup kitchen is fuming all and about this whole deal. And he have all the right to do so.

How come every candidate or politician comes every four years and every thanksgiving to “pretend” that they’re “Jesus” giving food to the homeless followed by dozens of reporters when in fact, they don’t give a fuck about you or me when we, the hardworking people that makes this country not great but superb are stuck in a rot? And besides, if you vote for this moron, because that what he did, he did a moronic thing to try to convince the public specially the undecided that he’s a kind type of a fella. When he’s indeed a kind type of a arrogant asshole.

Even the President of St. Vincent’s Brian J.Antal said: "The photo op they did wasn’t even accurate, he did nothing. He just came in here to get his picture taken at the dining hall. It’s strictly in our bylaws not to do it. They showed up there, and they did not have permission. They got one of the volunteers to open up the doors.”

Well, Mr. Antal have the decency to fire the volunteer who let him enter your place without a permission, plain and simple.

And by the way Paul Ryan, in order to clean the dishes it must be dirty in the first place to begin with. Not cleaned… Jackass!


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