Short Notices

I found out yesterday the star of “The Green Mile”  Michael Clarke Duncan died from complications from his heart attack since July. I was shocked. A great talented actor gone so quick. And then there’s a lot of mediocre so-called “reality” banged stars that actually should have their shows cancelled.

Anyway, on a weird note:

Social Security Administration buying hollow-point bullets?

The reason why the troubled SSA decided to buy ammunition is simple: To shoot to kill during a civil unrest. That doesn’t sound right? Doesn’t suppose that the SSA help the retirees to live comfortably along with their welfare and medicare? Oh, but that’s not possible since politicians have been using my and your social security for other things other than retirement, reducing their well deserve payments and raising the retire age to the point they’re nearly in the 80’s to receive such help. It’s very ironic that the money the government have been taking out of my check is going to kill me if I rebel against this corrupted government. And I have to keep my mouth shut and deal with my everyday life and broke with the lack of jobs lack of medical care. And that’s not all… FEMA is buying body bags for me and you too… Is it America wonderful?

Oh Hell, No!

A federal judge in Massachusetts allows a sex-reassignment to a convict Robert now Michelle Kosilek because it’s the only adequate treatment for his mental illness.

I believe in gay rights and transgender, but when it comes to commit a crime, and is guilty I truly believe that this person loses his rights and have to pay his time. But what it pisses me off is that tax payers are going to pay for that operation that cost $30k to 80k. But then if we don’t “help” her get that surgery, she’s gonna be suicidal to herself. For gosh sakes, He/she killed his wife! First pay your time, then if you’re free you have to pay it yourself if you want a sex change surgery. But don’t expect tax payers putting the bill when there’s a lot of uninsured people out there in deep shit than this convict, but sadly thanks to this judge he will receive the operation for free, paid for by the taxpayers.


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