Who’s Fault is It?

Their latest ad from Priorities USA shows Joe Soptic telling his side of his story in less than 30 seconds about how presidential candidate Mitt Romney who was the former CEO of Bain Capital, bought the factory where he worked in Kansas City shutting it down in 2001 causing his wife to die for being uninsured.

Here’s what it doesn’t make sense:

Reading various articles and news outlets (Not Fox News, thank you very much) to see if there’s any similarities from his story or find a second opinion on this one. Every story that I read said the same thing. His side of the story have a lot of inconsistencies between timelines from the moment Soptic got laid off to the moment his wife became sick and passed away.

He lost his job in 2001, his wife didn’t die in 22 as he stated in the ad. His wife Ilyona “Ranae” Soptic died 5 years after he got laid off. During his unemployment, his wife was working full time at a thrift store named Savers. But she got into an accident that broke her rotator cuff and quit her job losing her health insurance. She got very ill from pneumonia and taken to the ER and found out that she have a stage 4 Cancer which she dies. There’s other questions regarding his story. Why he or his wife didn’t apply for Medicaid in his state? And if he’s not eligible, why he didn’t get health insurance for his wife with his own pension money while looking for another job? But who’s gonna pay their house, the basics, bills that can be piling up?

They could get Medicare but they’re not eligible due to their age requirement. Where is the safety net that the government supposed to provide for this or any other family? Practically there were a lot of reasons or better yet to put the blame on a subject of being laid off after decades of living the American Dream. But exaggerate or detour the truth isn’t a nice trick to convince people to not vote for a candidate. I’m very sorry for Joe Soptic’s loss but he had disrespected her memory by getting paid to tell lies.


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