Losing Authority

A 10 year old and his friends went on a battering spree by invading a handicap immigrant woman’s home to steal $20.00 while hitting her.

What’s wrong in this picture?

Where’s the discipline from their parents? If they have both parents. Did those parents took a great time to teach them morals, responsibility and common sense?

This is, my friends, a great example of how to use condoms and contraceptives delivered to poor inner city communities for free and let the responsible, financially able adults (Once again, I didn’t say teenage moms or psycho bitches or guys who have 10 to 20 kids from different partners) have children.

Having children is NOT a piece of cake or having a dog. It involves a great deal of time and sacrifice from your part to not only provide with clothes, food and a roof over their heads, but also teach them the concepts of right and wrong, etiquette, morals, discipline and even how to survive or excel in society. Because having a kid is NOT a ticket for child support, food stamps or WIC so you use that money or what the government (our tax money) on yourself, to catch the next baby daddy, sugar daddy (or salt daddy) to pay for your luxuries.

I ask myself over and over, time and time again there’s a lot of couples with tears in their eyes, wishing, praying while gathering their savings here and there to have a child, Why the government doesn’t help them? It’s really heartbreaking that these couples are splitting apart or have to choose to be childless because of infertility.

Overall, if you don’t want to be embarrassed or guilty by seeing your kid in news like these or worst; to be the main character in a massacre or killings of innocent people, please have time away from your two jobs to read a bedtime story, take them to sports or other activities that can be interested in, cultivate their interests in reading, writing, music or the arts. Otherwise, don’t have kids!

But if you have kids and they’re unruly, a slap or using a belt to the butt doesn’t hurt. Child Protective Services does.

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