What Would Jesus Discriminate?

The First “Baptist” Church located in Crystal Springs, Mississippi is the main focus of this story since an African-American couple was denied to get marry in this so-called church because of it’s tradition of not doing it since it’s foundation in 1883. That’s nearly 130 years of racism and prejudice in that place and a few “members” wants to keep it that way.

After we had our first African-American to rise into power from politics, and people who excel in sports, the arts, in business, among others  there’s still ignorant and stupid people who thinks that any person who is different in skin color, where it came from, sexual orientation or language deserves to be treated like scum. And a church isn’t the right place to teach hatred, because Jesus didn’t teach that.

Jesus didn’t separate communities in his time. His focus was to unite them against a group of false leaders that were destroying the very essence of Christianity which was helping others no matter what they are. Sadly, these false leaders killed an innocent man to make a point: It’s their way or the highway. Things didn’t change much ever since.

Now a days Jesus isn’t in that church to begin with. He never have and never will. Now the churches reserve the right of admission. Jesus wept, left and move on a long time ago

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