Moment of Silence

I woke up on Friday July 20th at 4:20am to take my dog Pillsbury out to pee. As soon as I turned the TV on and change to the news, there it was. A night that was a midnight screening of the latest Batman movie plenty of kids, teenagers and adults alike to enjoy by first hand the last trilogy, turned into a horror event full of death, destruction and unanswered questions.

It wasn’t just a 15 second spot of that incident, but it was more than hours of what happened repeatedly. Within 30 minutes of watching the movie, a strange guy dressed in black combat armor entered the emergency exit and drops a tear gas following rounds of indirect gun shots towards the crowds who immediately ran, duck and cover to safety. A lot of people survive, only a handful didn’t make it to deal another day.

But the thing is how come a medical student with such potential ended up to be the assassin? Incidents like these are not the last or the first that could happen not only in the United States but anywhere in the world. There’s always an unstable guy drenched in hatred or confusion starts killing innocent people, people who doesn’t know the perpetrator. I’m not here to condemn the guy because he did something unforgivable or like any other blogger will do to write about the victims of that massacre. This issue with James Holmes is very simple to find out and very simple to fix it.

James Holmes, a brilliant prospect could had severe untreated mental illness like schizophrenia, (not depression) and he wasn’t treated on time. He’s not the first or the last person that would end up in jail or dead or in the spotlight for the wrong kind of attention. Mental illness is the silent killer. Forget heart attacks or lung cancer! When the illness goes to your brain you can’t stop it unless you have the funds to do so.

Don’t know what moment of time James Holmes started to fall down, but it could be a moment that it caused him traumatic events that changed him for the rest of his life. And without help or resources, his world is upside down. I, for my experience have been surrounded by tragic and traumatic events that still to this day I confront it on a daily basis. I too have a mental illness and I have been undiagnosed as “Clinical Depression” giving ineffective anti-depressants that in some cases I was violent. I have been in and out of medications, in and out of counseling (most cases because I don’t have the money for it or the insurance for that matter), I cut and tried to kill myself once (with regret), been hospitalized (for three days) and you guys think that I or anyone else is gonna do something to hurt other people?

I need something more than pay upfront when I want to ask for services or help, and find out what the hell is going on and also to fix what is broken. Not wasting my time and theirs with their stupid questions about “How are you feeling” about a certain subject. Mental Health System is much broken than the health care system is. And until there’s drastic changes to make it affordable, effective and no-copay (if you have health insurance), there’s gonna be incidents like this one. And then it would be a crying and sobbing once again while blaming on that poor guy who did it.


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