Let the Mayor Go… Somewhere else

In Scranton, Pensylvania mayor Christ Doherty cut the pay on 400 employees to the minimum wage of $7.25 and the unions representing the workers are filing a federal lawsuit against the city. There’s a reason why Doherty decided to slash their people their hard earned pay, because he needs to pay their city bills but it’s going to be “temporary.” But I doubt is going to solve any time soon. Bills are permanent and balancing the budget takes skills and that’s what Doherty did. Saving his own skin while screwing anyone else.

Another issue, what’s mayor Doherty salary now?Before that?  It’s secretive? Did it remain unchanged? Well, he “supposedly” took the cut but at least he have stash. His loyal employees didn’t have that choice. These employees didn’t study degrees for years to work in a environment that will treat them like the guy who flip burgers.

If the administration that should regulate and take control of the budget, this issue couldn’t not happen. Why the budget is in shambles? Because of irresponsible people who put their agenda first than fixing it.  The answer is not cutting their employees salaries, is to cut unnecessary services that doesn’t affect the public.


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