This is very common in celebrity land. Men and some women open up about their sexuality. Honestly I’m not interested in how do you do in bed, neither how many people you fucked before. I’m more interested in how to make this fucking country a little bit better. Saying to the whole world that you’re homosexual doesn’t change a thing. Honestly it make things worst. Read the stories of Elton John, Clay Aiken, Ricky Martin to name a few. Careers that eventually went down the drain as soon as they say these words to the whole wide world, “I’m gay.”

And the worst part about it? Most people know that part even before they have say it. So the audience are NOT stupid or dumb when it comes to know what’s their sexual orientation, specially when it’s a celebrity. Once again I’m not interested in knowing if you banged a girl or a guy. I actually don’t care.


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