So Much Stories… So Little Time



The most recent Adam Yauch aka “MC” one of the co -founders of the Rap Trio Beastie Boys died of cancer. He was 47. Every minute someone closest or unknown to you have died of Cancer. Still we’re donating money, time and effort to eradicate this fatal illness. But ever you wonder where’s the money is going directly? If that money is going towards helping the less fortunate battle this illness or to the CEO’s pocket? Otherwise Cancer or any other diseases would be eradicated for the face of the earth. But anyway, money for nothing, people dies, population control.



Speaking of population control:

A New Jersey mom was arrested of child endangerment for putting her 5 year old daughter on a tanning booth. This lady is a great example of extreme tanning. Her face looks like she was “Blackfaced” others compare her like one of the Oompas guys from the Willy Wonka Factory. She will face 10 years in prison if convicted and placed the kid on foster care. This woman need a great case of mental health, since she can afford an attorney and some therapy for her face. It’s disgusting!

Disgusting is this one:

A fuckin’ loser is arrested for pimping and slavering his ho’s by posting ads on Craigslist and Seeking Arrangements (a website for Sugar Daddies). Rasaun Kevin Porter, was meeting women to fall in love with him and then after that capture them as sex slaves. He took their ID and credit cards, put them into a Motel 6 and start charging them from $100 bucks for 15 minutes to almost $300 for a full hour. He also was a violent person who choke one of the girls. He will be convicted with life in prison.

Which let me this to say about so called “Sugar Daddy Dating” sites

If you’re an attractive woman down to your luck and struggling to feed your kids, finding a Sugar Daddy is a wrong decision. It makes your feel like a modern class ho’. That’s what Feminism is. If you can do anything but getting a job, find a Sugar Daddy.


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