Reasons Why I decided NOT to place my vote

This year, I’m ready to give my views why I shouldn’t put my pen and pad and vote. This election has been fierce between dealing with a President trying to win a second term from the democrats and a group of rich folks from the republican party.

Here’s one fatal mistake from the democrats:

Putting President Obama for a second term.

During these 4 years this country has been on pause and rewind that all his promises of better and affordable healthcare, putting the troops out of Irak among other things have been half truths for the rest of Americans. As a personal note, I’m still uninsured, there’s no good paying jobs like 10 years ago when you can get a high paying job in the automobile or factory and there’s more soldiers (many broken mentally and physically) going back to Afghanistan against their wishes. And still he keeps on convincing to Americans that everything is alright and dandy when everything including severe unemployment and the high cost of gas prices going up every week along with everything else.

The Democrat Party should reconsider and don’t put him on the ballot and start finding well fitted candidates that have strategic plans, not ideas or “dreams” to actually fix this country. But that’s my folks, too little too late.

As for the Republicans, this is my quote:

You got to be kidding! These jackasses!

The GOP can’t be better in their choices of candidates. First of all, they’re not from Middle Class or Low Class backgrounds. They come from the Rich Elite. They don’t know the concept of being poor or middle class and certainly they’re not interested, thought they assume that they’re “willing” to help the hardworking and nearly extinct middle class in their campaigns and debates. They just know about the dirty politics of Capitalism where the more money you have, the more the stripper dance. How they’re going to win the Presidency when:

  • They don’t believe in Women’s Rights including birth control and infertility.

  • They don’t care about the poor and Middle Class Americans.

  • They don’t care about helping Minorities specially immigration except when they need these votes from them.

  • And always when they speak they’re in constant backlash by the media because of their idiotic and insensitive comments and beliefs.

It’s like a bad math problem… You got 5 candidates with zero brain and common sense what do you have? Sarah Palin?

So voters, if you have the right mind and conscience read to what I’m gonna write. For me the right candidate for the office would be:

  • Fixing unemployment by penalizing companies who outsource working positions overseas and using that penalty money on the lay off workers to get back to college.

  • Restraining the cost of gas prices and creating cars that can run on 100 MPG, and find alternative and effective ways to run it.

  • Make Living Wage a law. Eliminating Right to Work and re-write Anti-Discrimination laws to apply also on not discriminating based on age and experience in the hiring process.

  • Allowing payments of Medicaid based on their income (like having their own insurance) to increase their services and including Gastric Bypass Surgeries and Infertility and improving Mental Health Services.

  • Creating a temporary duration on Food Stamps, to avoid dependency. Cutting the Cash assistance and aim it at the elderly and disabled who are fixed income.

  • Creating more subsidized housing aimed at the elderly and disabled who are fixed income.

  • Restricting the use of Social Security, Disability for other uses other than helping the elderly and disables to live comfortably. Also make pay raises according to the inflation.

  • Make undocumented people and families who lives in this country pay an affordable fee, along with naturalization classes to become an American. Eliminating working visas, period. And implementing non-working temporary visas. People who come to this country illegally must be sending back.

  • Every senator, congressman even the President or assistants must do drug tests every 6 months. Have their bonus pay checks eliminated and live accordingly with their pay wage, which will be living wage (example, $11.00 to $15.00 depending on their experience and performance). Any corruption, fuck up like making racial or sexist comments or behaving wildly should be fired on site.

  • Legalizing Marijuana.

  • Helping Native American to improve their quality of living, their heritage and their language.

And if I keep going, I think I might not gonna end. But in the meantime, if I can’t find a candidate who can do these and more, I won’t be able to post my vote anytime soon.


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