Limballs must leave the radio waves

I think that America have the freedom of speech but if it’s going too far by the exaggerated and denigrated comments made for by Rush Limbaugh on his so-called radio show blasting a law student named Sandra Fluke calling her a slut and a porn star. And I thought that the Taliban women have it worst than American Women. Even thought we have the freedom of working, driving our own cars, walking in short skirts and provocative shirts we don’t have the right to control our bodies in terms of birth control.

What really angers me is that Mr. Rush Limballs doesn’t understand that is the private health insurance companies that is what she was talking about to cover for women’s contraceptives not Medicaid. Mostly, contraceptives are prescribed and it cost around $20.00 and $50.00 a month if you’re uninsured and visits by the doctor are $50.00 to $200.00 a visit. Women who want to take charge in their own bodies and delay to bring a child into this world doesn’t mean that they’re sluts. It means that they’re responsible. Another comment that Mr. Limballs said that is irreverent as is insulting that if taxpayers and him are the pimps and women are the sluts, Sandra Fluke must have a video of all the sex she had if the hearing will allow health insurance companies to cover contraception pills. What a dumbass!

If we can call, write and email every sponsor to remove their ads on his show can he survive? Because, my friends it’s like Roe vs. Wade once again. Otherwise we will be like freaking cattle just to procreate and that’s it and even worst. 


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