FBI Crackdown: P2P Demise

Remember when the Internet was free? You used to watch TV series, movies and special events like concerts and sports on certain sites for free in some of the cases. Now, slowly and aggressively is a thing of the past since FBI crashed the party with their raid on Megaupload, and some P2P sites BTJunkie, among others to shut down their services under the excuse that it’s brings piracy of movies, music and software. Even with the elimination of SOPA (Stop Online Privacy Act) and PIPA (Protect IP Act) it’s just a bunch of words on pieces of paper that were tossed in the garbage but the FBI keep it to make sure Film, Music and TV companies will have their slice of the pie at the cost of the consumer.

It’s very sad and unfortunate that these companies labeled people who download content on torrent sites, “criminals” and “thieves” that wants to profit from others. And then on the other hand for example TV networks don’t put their series to watch it online. Instead, if you want to watch it, you have to pay it on the means of buy it on Itunes, or get cable because the era of the antenna is gone. But with the economy like it is, do you think people have the cash to get a little bit of entertainment? The same thing with Movies. You go to a theater and it’s in most cases 20 bucks and that’s not include the pop and popcorn. By the moment the movie comes out on DVD, it’s easy to rent on Redbox but now film companies are delaying their rent copies for almost a month under their pretense that they’re “losing” money. And if you want to get the movie you have to pay full price which is $20.00 up to $70.00 in some cases. What about streaming movies and TV shows? Well, Netflix was good until their contract with Starz expired on February 29th removing the nearly entire collection on their site leaving away mediocre selection of foreign movies and B-movies. Hulu isn’t the best source for watching since have similar content but if you want to watch some good shows (5% of the content) you have to subscribe to their service. Greedy TV networks are playing the pay game where in order to watch an episode you have to wait for a week (FOX) to watch it unless you have cable or Dish, or broadcast their shows as a “sample” to show a few episodes. And the consumer is tired of that… literally. We’re paying huge amounts of money to be “entertained” and we’re being rip off.

Individuals that use Torrents as their last resort is not to get profit from it, instead it’s another way around from the system. And now the FBI is raiding it because of what? Copyright infringement? Well, why don’t the FBI start to raid real terrorists instead of arresting innocent people? There’s a lot of real thieves, criminals and such and they’re doing the “easy” job by closing sites.

And we know SOPA and PIPA are over… it’s just the beginning of the pay per view, pay per hear on the internet.



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