People Are Desperate these Days

Today as I prepare to go to work, I saw a video on about a new trend in desperation. Gasoline Theft. People who can’t afford these high gas prices decided to just do a “movie style” stealing procedure to get gas for free. As the prices get to the outstanding $4.00 a gallon, what the people are gonna do about it? Stealing isn’t the best choice, but since the government doesn’t even care except when a rich bastard tries to entice them into something like raising prices, normal Johns and Janes of this country are actually fed up, (me included) because there’s no control, no regulation and obviously no alternatives to what the present administration is going to do.

Stealing Gas: The New Alternative?

It seems that we have our hands and mouths tied for too long. And literally we take everything up the ass like sheep. And it sickens me.


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