Up, Up, and Away?

Two years ago, the gas price in Idaho in December it was simply $2.88 a gallon. At that time I was commuting 50 miles to go to my job. At my job location, the gas was $2.60. By the time it hits January and the rest of the months the prices were going higher 10 cents more irregularly to the point it nearly hit the 4 dollar mark. Then from November it just started to come down.

This year, it’s no different but the price of gas. In 2011, it was $3.11 for a couple of months, and now it have change on February to $3.19 to $3.29 over night. And that’s seems unfair. This is the only industry that makes changes without notice about the gas fuel when they please. And still they earn billions. The higher demand for oil, when the oil is scarce the higher it gets and the more problematic for the consumer.

And the Government? Well, thank you…

Still with all those “hybrids” out there, a middle class or low class family can’t afford to get those cars. I not saying they could put it in the market for a dollar a piece, but  they can put a program for families that are traveling to work to get a discounted voucher to get them. Another important thing, the government should do in cases when the public are fed up with the exorbitant gas prices. They should regulate and control the gas price. No ups and downs, just an affordable rate for consumers, based on the economy. For example, if the economy rises, the gas must go along with it. If the economy drowns itself, it will certainly go down. Another and last thing the government must do is to increase the miles per gallon on cars up to 100 MPG. Sounds difficult, right? Nope, there were a few people who created a patent of cars that can be driven with limited supply of gasoline. What happened? One after the company bought the patent it was never being used. The other one didn’t have that luck. Oil companies are just one big family destined to beat the crap outta you financially and never be able to be independent from it.

So what would we expect from the dependency of oil and the corruption it carries? Expect more raises in price to the point that we hit the $5.00 mark. In the meantime what are you gonna do? Sit there and be fucked up the ass, or stand up and demand? Because at this moment, there’s no one, not even the so called Occupy don’t notice that problem. Where’s Anonymous when we actually need him?


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