Silly Me

I used to believe in the Occupy Wall Street Movement. It was just an innocent way to tell the private sector to back off before they destroy a lot of hard working Americans, not only that all but over the world. When it started as a organized movement to let even the politicians be heard, it just went downhill ever since with bad publicity aimed to putting down the movement. I never heard so much arrests, so much damage and chaos when the “Tea Party” started, but why OWS? Is because OWS is powered by normal johns and janes of this country? Or isn’t because it got worse by getting violent, rowdy and being immature? Can’t join an organization that instead of being active is being retroactive, politically radioactive? There’s no other ways to put it. They’re losing a meaningful meaning into child’s play that everybody gets tired of it. Now the 1% sure is very happy and pleased.

Speaking of pleased… still millions of families are losing their jobs, their houses and finally their dignity every minute. The weird part. is there’s super bowl, still life goes on, still Americans are moving. But moving where? Towards oblivion? Going to sink sideways like that cruise ship weeks ago? Still we’re not waking up, realize and use their rights are a way to let these career politicians know that if it wasn’t for them, these politicians couldn’t get into the “grand seat” at the Oval Office. But then nothing happen. And it happens ever since the beginning. I just wandered, where’s a stop to that? I don’t need a career politician to screw even more the economy, I want a experienced person that knows what’s going on and fix it first hand. Another thing… why we have to be four years term, when it would be better if a person doesn’t perform well, it can be kicked out. Just like a regular job. But then again that’s my point.

My 50 Cents of Today… Whitney Houston’s Death

At first, I thought it was just another silly joke like the other jackass that spread the fake news that Bon Jovi died. But then this news came out like a rapid hurricane whirling around a small town. And sorry, I don’t have cable to begin with. I rather search for what’s going on online, or in plain English, over the internet. When I heard that news, like many people, I couldn’t believe it. But when I saw it on Yahoo news I was in disbelief. And the next day, anger. How the fuck she throw up her life like that? It always the same thing, talented people, with special gifts are wasted away because of drugs, not handling personal situations and yes, people closest to them taking advantage of their weakness. But why they have to wait until a celebrity dies so that they could put a special rendition on a award event, like the Grammys. Another reason for her downhill behavior is Bobby Brown. If she didn’t cross her life with this loser, she might be alive, well and sober. But Bobby Brown took advantage of her then celebrity status and destroyed everything. He didn’t had another album since the 90’s! He literally destroyed her life even her vocal chords are irreparable because of their extensive drug abuse. And sadly, she divorced him too late.  She should do that like Kim Kardashian. Her last album wasn’t all that great because she have to rely on autotune on her “comeback”. But the damage is done. Her life is done. And it’s all in part from Bobby Brown.


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