Ponies for Everyone

What would happens if the Republican Party will win this election? Will they fix the unemployment that they cause? Will the regulate private corporations to work efficient and in compliance with all laws? Will they fix this broken health care system that they systematically ruined it in the first place? Will they?

I don’t see any future, any good future ahead if some jackass will become the next president, specially if they’re republican. As soon as that person will swear under oath into office, everything will be drastically change for the worst. And this is not a scary tactic, it always has when some repuke get elected or should I say steal the election like some guy named W. the whole country is down on the dump.

It should be easier if Democrats will chose another candidate than deal with the indulgences of Barrack Obama, the “leader” that has been mistreated, misunderstood and judged unfairly. The thing is “He tried” to fix some of the problems that have been ruining this country, but guys like the republicans taking control of the senate and congress, who needs frienemies? Putting Obama to be re-elected is like finding a item on sale that you want in the supermarket but it’s a few days over the expiration date and have to choose between buying it or not… at full price. It’s not a good decision and the Democrats are going to be defeated.


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