There’s no Death in Part

I found out about yesterday that Reality Celebrity Kim Kardashian and her husband filed for divorced under “Irreconcilable Differences” after shortly 72 days of marriage. They’re not the first or the last who makes “getting married” for granted. Britney Spears, Jlo, Marylin Monroe and even Elizabeth Taylor were up to the challenge of getting married under the oath of thou death due us part. They didn’t consider that part. In the end of days, or a few months or even 24 hours they decided to give it up. That, my folks, it’s a serious blow to the head. These celebrities waste millions of dollars in elaborating the perfect wedding while real couples who stand through thick and thin, who are taking their spouse seriously with respect, dignity and faithfulness even thought they’re not rich or famous and they can’t be married because of financial reasons. There’s a lot of gay and lesbian couples who want to take the next level and can’t because of what the law, society and religion impose on them. Why don’t the government, church and society punish people like Kardashian to the point of when you’re divorcing in short time even for a day you have to pay a fine. And after that, that will be 10 years under solitude. Sounds crazy but that’s common sense.  If you don’t want to get punished by making fake wedding oaths, DON’T DO IT. No wonder sluts like her make females a bad name!


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