Im sorry he’s dead? oh, next?

I found out today that Apple co-founder Steve Jobs died today (wednesday) but my feeling wasn’t the same when Amy Winehouse died. It was more of not missing a long lost friend that appeared in the middle of nowhere all of the sudden to reminisce about the good times when all you think about is the future. When I think of Apple products it makes me think of the most expensive car I can’t even afford with two or three jobs and definitely  comparing to a exotic trip to a unknown country I would never visit and I have to deal with a bus trip to Tacoma. The fact of the matter is that honestly I never had an Ipad or an Ipod or an Iphone for one freaking reason: I cant afford any of them. Steve Jobs has the ability to influence the uber rich to buy their products but can he make a tablet that  cost less than 300 bucks? That’s why HP, Acer and Samsung are picking up the crumbs in delivering a more cheaper versions of their tablets using Android operational systems built-in. And that’s why Sony, Sansa and Microsoft had already good efficient and affordable MP3 players than the pricey Ipod. As a matter of fact I have a Sony Walkman 4GB and still works after 3 years, and a Sansa that my husband uses rarely.

Even thought there’s no substitution for an great mind such as Jobs, I still reluctant to buy their products because of their price range.  As far as computers, laptops goes, I will stick with Windows, thank you very much. Let this man rest in peace specially for the Westcracko so-called cult.


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