Short Notices

First One: Gaddafi overthrown means nothing to you

Seriously? Well for starters, Libya is a big source of oil. So the fast they capture this guy, the faster will be to take this big reserve of crude oil. But be careful what you wish for, ’cause oil corporations wants a big slice of the pie. And they’re not gonna lower the gas prices. These corporations aren’t stupid, they are fierce in stealing your money under their pretense that there’s limited amounts of oil.

There’s no control, no regulation to help the consumer and to keep oil companies in check.  If the government should step up and fix this, we shouldn’t have to deal with nearly 4 dollars a gallon for our cars. But there you have it. We voted for corporate influenced politicians who step on the constitution to the garbage can and we have the results that weren’t not looking for.

Isn’t capitalism a bitch?



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