Women Rights? Oh Please, There’s NO such thing!

Over centuries, women are always subjects of foolishness from believing they have the right to vote, to the right of being equal to the opposite sex. Seriously the feminism group makes women foolish and stupid specially in this country.

Let me tell you the skinny on equality. In this time and age where Ipads and smartphones are trends, women still receives less and are the last to receive promotions than their opposite sex and as hard as you might think women has no procreation rights.

Think about it for a minute. How come for contraceptives are nearly free when for infertility treatments you have to deal it on your own? Insurance companies can’t cover it leaving you with piles and piles of medical debts, doing everything possible to count every penny for a faded dream of being a mother. Can the feminism movement consider that?

I think, not anyone else, ME that the only thing that feminism has done over the decades is to turn real women into real stuck-up bitches thinking they own the whole universe. Complaining why males are assholes singing up to their lungs “Hear Me Roar” but the don’t know how to cook, clean, sew, ect in order to be a housewife, a mother and an second head of the household.

If feminism would take the right approach, women in North Carolina shouldn’t have to deal with sterilization against their will. Women who can’t conceive shouldn’t give it up and walk away from motherhood and deal with their lives as nothing. And don’t forget teenage pregnancy. While a handful of girls are doing the right way to give their own child to adoption, part of the millions of girls are aborting it and the other half are keeping their babies costing the state money while they’re partying away. If feminism have their way, adoption services and infertility treatments should be free for hardworking families and individuals.

Instead this movement has done absolutely nothing to bring rights to women but instead they brag, demand under the false illusion that women should be on top of everything, but instead they’re in the bottom of everything. They believe women deserve and achieve everything they want but they can’t achieve procreation rights. Be a role model not only for their husband, for their children and community. Instead, they’re a nuisance and we’re paying it with shame, dissapointment and unbalanced roles.

Doesn’t this movement have something else to do than being bitches?


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