Idiocrasy 101

Yesterday it was a solemn day for the history of human kind. I knew for an instant that when centuries had passed humans were losing more brain cells than a junkie high on weed. Their common sense have been throwing out in the garbage and followed their own irrational instinct bringing horrendous consequences. These is some real life examples:

Indianapolis Country Fair Stage Collapse

Bad Weather + Not Evacuation = 5 People Dead and Dozens Injured

Idiot Mistake: The causes for this disaster were various from not inspecting the stage with the right requirements before hand, Not postpone the show (the best choice) due to bad weather by notifying the public about this storm coming into the fair. Gusty Winds anyone?

Lesson Learned: If they followed up by the rules and regulations instead of profit, these 5 people might enjoyed Sugarland that night or some other night and return home safe.

Aruba Missing Blonde

Unemployed Blonde  + An Old Pervert = Blonde Missing in a Foreign Land

Idiot Mistake: Robyn Gardner lost her job. In her desperation she was approached by a man that promised her a modeling career if she goes to Aruba with him. The boyfriend honestly didn’t care instead of giving her a hand financially and emotionally he was giving interviews to the media. Plus, by the comments from her roommate, the reasons why she left is because she wanted a clean state, financially. The guy is arrested but if they can’t come up with solid evidence he will be a free man. Meanwhile there’s no sign of her living or dead.

Lesson Learned: Number one: She could live with her parents if she can’t come up with enough money for her roommate. There’s a difference between being lay off and being fired. Lay off means you can receive unemployment checks. Being Fired doesn’t. Before going on a foreign country with a stranger do a background check. Still there’s more questions than answers on this issue. Beauty isn’t valuable if you don’t have brains.  An extra opinion: The media should stay away from the case, period.

Missing 5 month old in Michigan

Unplanned Pregnancy + Asshole = Missing Toddler

Idiot Mistake: How come females can’t keep their legs closed and get married? This is one of many stories of unplanned babies. This female met this male, they have sex and she conceive this lovely baby girl. 5 month later in a fit of an argument, he kidnapped the baby and she disappeared ever since. All because he didn’t want a paternity test. The guy in question still won’t budge on where her whereabouts.

Lessons Learned: Don’t have unprotected sex with someone you don’t even know or worst yet meeting an asshole. What happens to courtship these days?


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