Politicians Got Paid.

This debt talks deal surely made it’s finish line Saturday. But what’s puzzled me is why the acting? Can they just tell the truth? That these politicians are influenced by the rich elite to control their finances at the expense of the hardworking poor Americans?

The best in my opinion to solve the debt crisis. Eliminate corruption. Clean slate. Cleaning the house, from the senators, congressmen to the President. But then again you have to deal with what is put on the table even if you don’t like or want to.

First of the deal was to increase the Tax for the rich. What happened? It just went numb. In my opinion, they have to pay their fair share. But then politicians were gonna make cuts on vital services for the working poor, disabled and seniors. Thank god, they didn’t do absolutely nothing and let it go.

But one thing you have to understand and keep it in mind. Politicians got paid either way if they didn’t settle a deal or not. And to finish it off they bring Representative Giffords in the view as another acting gig to shed a tear. Entertainment at it’s best. Might as well they put that debt into default by now.


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