I’m a Netflix user for quite some time and honestly we never have a problem with Netflix ever since we started using their service but we were looking for another options. So one day we were giving Blockbuster a try because they add their videogames along with the movies plus their have their streaming on demand. At first it sounded like a pretty good deal. Even their new releases are a month in advance than Netflix. So, what are we waiting for? Well, that’s the beginning of the end with Blockbuster.

Let me tell you some dissapponting and fraudulent tricks from Blockbuster.

1. It’s NOT Accredited by BBB even thought it shows that they are:  Visit the website. On the lower left side of the main site you see a icon that shows that this company is under BBB reliability program. When you click it it shows you that this business is not BBBOnline participant.

2. Exchanging DVD and Games at the store: This is what they don’t tell you. You have 5 returns to the store. What they don’t tell you is that when it comes to Videogames they charge you an extra $4.99 each.

3. Streaming Option is a fraud: You can watch any movie On Demand from your TV. There’s no streaming from your PS3, Wii, or Xbox. And with a big difference from Netflix, you have to pay an extra $3.99 to watch it each movie. Netflix on the other hand doesn’t charge a bit for their streaming service.

4. Long wait and Not Available on New Released video games: This is why we chose Blockbuster, because of their selection on videogames… but it ends with a catch. New Releases or even old ones are into long wait or not available for a month, perhaps more at a time.

5. Long shipping process: You selected a DVD? Good! Now you have to wait 5 days for the shipping directly to your home! Isn’t that marvelous? Compared to Netflix their shipping takes 2 days, 3 at least, but no more.

Overall, we cancelled Blockbuster this month and we opted for an alternative: Gamefly .


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