The Only Alternative: Let the Rich Pay.

Hiya Folks:

It’s been a while. I been busy. I thought that this administration was going to bring up change. Not change like everything will be fine at the touch of a magic wand but at least the most important issues like health care, good jobs and prosperity will come into focus.

Turned out in reality is another… I knew that when George W. Bush left his presidential term, he was going to leave it with a bang. As soon as President Obama took office, everything just went down hill ever since. It felt like every day it went by, he was losing his cojones and it was the Republicans nagging (fueled by their rich friends, the corporations) while the Democrats don’t know what planet they’re living. Remember when he started this Health Care Reform? No one wasn’t satisfied with the result. Not even people who were still uninsured, the ones with Medicare and the ones who have these benefits supplied by their employers. Not even me. As soon as Obama started reciting his “ideas” from his teleprompter, some jackass screamed “You Lie!” Did you remember that? Now we have to wait until if he gets re-elected to these new rules to take effect.

Another issue was Obama let the Car Giants in Detroit make the citizens pay for their mistakes in a form of a bailout. I know they were losing business, but I know why. While Toyota started building fuel efficient and hybrids cars, Ford, Chrysler and Dodge priorities were making gas guzzling SUV’s and Trucks that waste a lot of gas. But they say “Oh, were making those “big toys” the people wanted” , but at what price? At the expense of the hard working struggling Americans who have to sacrifice between putting gas on their SUV’s and/or Pick-Up Trucks or paying their mortage or food. What about creating electric or solar cars? Or do changes to their engines to make it to the point of using 100 miles to the gallon? It is all forgotten and buried, thanx to the oil giants.

And that’s not all folks! There’s more catastrophe more ahead! The recession didn’t sit well with anybody. For the ones who are working they’re counting their blessings and their wallets. Their spending had been cut off to half. Before that they could spend on little spurge this and there. But now, they have to watch what they spend. Some people commit the mistake on still relying on credit cards that can pay up sooner than you say “I got a promotion.” For the ones who are unemployed they’re losing all hope, that some employer will have mercy upon them and hire them into the workforce. Their savings as well as their hard earned money had been depleted and still Republicans won’t help extend their unemployment benefits. But you know who won in the end. The 99ers (people who surpassed 99 weeks of unemployment benefits and they’re on their own), are asking the government, this failed government to take action against these corporations that cut personnel and move their asses to foreign countries were the labor is cheaper and their regulations are way more “relaxed.”

To chop it off, these employers for no reason won’t hire the unemployed. And that’s smells Discrimination. And the government? Oh, well relaxing on their next golf round or maybe yet, enjoying their drinking binge with their corporate rich elite.

Oh my gosh… I’ almost forgot to talk about the Rich Elite. These millionaires and spoiled, selfish and cold hearted only think about helping third world countries but they have their mansions in the US. And when it comes to help this battered country what they do? Absolutely nothing! They just avoid the crisis in this country like is not their problem after all. They continue to show off their expensive cars on American Streets, they dressed their Dolce & Gabana on the red carpet, but they can’t even donate their time out of their “busy” schedule to help the unfortunate in THIS country. Oh, they prefer helping these hungry people out of third world countries. But what about this country? “Oh, no… Americans can fend for themselves”they say while shutting down their factories and outsourcing to countries like India and Mexico.

Here’s a lesson I would love to tell… Remember Oprah and her girls school in Africa? Instead of helping African-American women who were denigrated, not having a role model that can identify them. To look into. She built a school in the middle of nowhere in Africa instead. And what happened? Cases of sexual abuse. I would love to tell Oprah, “See what happens when you don’t help in the states?”

And now they want their same share of escaping their obligation of paying what they suppose to be paying to help this country get back on their feet. Placing this duty on the now extinct middle class would be a financial suicide. Two days ago while Obama in his state of the union address, stated that he cannot let the struggling Americans to pay what the rich elite has caused. He forgot one thing… If some one broke a plate who’s gonna pay it? The person next in line or the person who caused it? If you choose the person who caused it, you’re right on the money. The rich elite have to pay for their broken plates in this recession and have to pay it NOW! The rich elite pay this government in exchange to not defending it’s people. The poor, the middle working class. For that, they will pay up for their mistakes when two things could happen.

One: The Great Depression of 2012: You rather wish that big wave will sunk ya instead of not having absolutely nothing to feed to your children not even to yourself. While the rich surely they will prefer suicide instead of dealing it with dignity.

Two: Revolt: Why wait almost two years when the people have all the power in their hands to kick these so-called bastards in office and replace it with capable individuals. And I mean, people (not politicians coming out of Harvard or any so-called prestigious university) who are independent, not influenced by democrat, republican or rich elite  agendas following only by the constitution for the benefit of the people. But sadly the people have the power to vote on “America’s Got Talent” and “American Idol” than voting for the next president of this country. And that’s shameful.

What else do you want to understand this government is corrupt?


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