Immigrant Second Grader: Voice of the Shadows

The Skinny: During a visit to a public school in Maryland, First Lady Michelle Obama along with Mexican First Lady Margarita Zavala, were astonished when a second grader ask her about immigration reform law. Later the girl said that her Mother doesn’t have any papers means that she’s undocumented.

50 Cents: This is why Illegal Immigration must be stopped the must humane way possible! By creating programs that can help these people achieve their citizenship status in a short period. Also Mexico and other South American countries must create job programs without foreign help to minimize their citizens from coming into this country. Third and last, Americans must be sensitive and understanding about this issue. Were not dealing with savaged animals, were dealing with human beings, families who are being int he shadows wishing they could come out in the light and be productive. They don’t want our government “free ride”, they’re not criminals either. They just want to be simply Americans. So please, stop the ignorance, hatred and stupidity!


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