Gulf Coast Catastrophe

oil spill

The Skinny: BP the company responsible behind the oil spill is pointing fingers at everybody but themselves in this severe incident where an oil rig exploded and destroyed causing a leak of billions of gallons of oil affecting Louisiana and surrounding areas as far as Florida.

50 Cents: President Barrack Obama’s plan to not depend on foreign oil backfired since then. Instead of finding non-polluted alternatives to cut that depending on oil for 50% or 60% percent, he chose the fast way. The results are very alarming. Not only BP destroyed the sea life, but destroyed these businesses in the area. BP should be held accountable for it, not in terms of dollars and cents but on jail time as well. The government must have a strong hand against them or any oil company that thinks they could get away with murder. Now, dude, where’s my electric car?


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