Celebrities and Sex: Bad Karma

Lawrence Taylor did an awful mistake that could not only hurt but damage severally his career by sleeping with a 16 year old runaway teen in his hotel room. Here’s  a guy that he could get any female he wanted and he’s arrested for raping a girl. After Tiger Woods, after Ben Roethlisberger among others still use their celebrity status in a negative way to hurt other people without thinking about the consequences. People who commit any sexual crimes against women should be punished like any other John Doe, put them behind bars and marked them as a Pedophile for the rest of their lives.

Another thing, telling the whole entire world that they have a “sexual addiction”, is still an excuse to avoid losing fans and have those fans pity them. Sorry, it’s not gonna work this way. It didn’t with Tiger, his golf sucks every time he plays now, Jesse James is nowhere to be found, and now Mr. Taylor is denying the whole scandal.

Celebrities, Athletes and Politicians, it’s time to grow the hell up! Being in Control by having strong moral beliefs is the answer to avoid these embarrassing situations.


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