April 17, 2010

Arizona’s Anti-Immigration Law: ANTI-CONSTITUTIONAL!

The Skinny: The New Anti-Immigration law if signed by Repuke Governor Jan Brewer the law will give local police sweeping new powers in regard to undocumented workers. They will constantly stop any pedestrian that could look “suspicious” and ask for any documentation to prove he/she is citizen.

My 50: Racial Profiling at it’s worst. Not only they have the atrocity of raiding workplaces but now they give the right to the police to do the same with any person they see in the street. Honestly, my friends and enemies this is going too far. Instead of providing programs to at least helping these struggling and troubled Latinos to try to get a temporary or permanent visa status easier and affordable Republicans instead punish them for coming into this country “illegally.” And I asked myself, How come these so-called “citizens” of America demand so much and still they got away with murder a couple of centuries ago by nearly exterminate the Native Americans? Not only that, they stole their lands, their freedom and their respect. How come it is Justified?


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