Readable Tidbits: Saturday April 10

Tiger Woods Cometh

If Tiger Woods didn’t show up in the Masters after a 5 month hiatus over his so-called accident followed by his scandal of sex addiction, Golf will be slowly disappearing because first it’s a commonly Caucasian sport which it’s actually boring, very long and slow paced. And who wants to see that on Sundays? But now the “prodigal son” returned better than ever and got more than fans pleased, their sponsors wants him back with huge paychecks to his table. But Nike, his loyal sponsor delivered an ad that was quite a bad taste in which it appears Tiger along with the voice of his late father and coach Earl Woods asking some questions. They could do the ad using Tiger’s father saying honestly about Tiger, but Nike used a portion of a documentary talking about his wife and modified it. Well, enough of Tiger for now.

Idaho Still a Racist State

On Monday, while on my break from my job, I usually read the newspaper the Coeur D’Alene Press in their Letters Section. I was dumbfounded when I found a letter from a Aryan Nations member Shaun Winkler. This jackass along with 3 others were “protesting” outside during a person’s speech on Human Rights. This letter angers me. It saddens me that even we voted and give an opportunity for an African-American to be a President, still there’s other people like me who still face the stigma, the prejudice, the hatred by associations like the Aryan Nations, KKK among others who thinks that their color of their skin is not only superior but pure in any way and demands special treatment among other races and nationalities. Not only that but behaving this way, it shows how ignorant they are in front of all the world. Three people against Human Rights? That’s nothing! But other people supporting this group, it’s ridiculous and low class! They don’t know that America was founded illegally by immigrants from Europe to eliminate the real residents, the Native Americans. Then they bring Africans to serve as slaves against their will, and bring more immigrants from other parts of the world and that’s why it became a so-called great country at a cost of the nearly extincted Native Americans. So, tell me folks what about Human Rights in favor of the Native Americans and not only that, Latinos, African-Americans and Muslims?

Westboro does it again

The Westboro Baptist Church added again by “protesting” at VA Tech once again their “God hate Fags” campaign. But the students of this troubled university took a successful step in counter-protesting the small group of three adults and three defenseless children (that Child Services would take them away) in favor of the student and colleague Morgan Harrington. This cult does nothing to help the homeless or the less fortunate and claimed that God is punishing America because this country favors the gay community. I think it’s time that churches that are tax free, should start sending tax money to the government from now on. They have been building big cathedrals in favor of one person instead of helping others and it’s time to choose which churches are truly legitimate Christian by paying Caesar what’s of Caesar (Matthew 22:17-21).  Only that, the Westboro church and other cults will dissappear from the face of the earth. In the meantime I see another lawsuit coming!


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