Opinion: R We Christians Enough?

I think visiting your church every Sunday specially on Easter doesn’t make the cut to be a Christian. Hearing Christian music on the radio or watching Christian shows doesn’t make the cut either. Being a Christian is more than having a honest smile when you go to work, or going on with your family. It takes guts, valor and courage to not imitate what Christ has done in this world, but going beyond what God demands of everyone. It takes lots of sacrifices and decisions to please not only Jehovah but ourselves in the quest of how do we make a change in this wrecked world.  How about helping your neighbor? Or giving food to the homeless? Helping your friend some gas money so she/he can go to work? Or visiting the less fortunate at nursing homes, hospitals? Think about many things to do everyday that we can help another person feel loved, valued and his/her spirits high to keep on fighting!

But everything has a catch. You must to these deeds in secret, which means don’t tell anyone, don’t brag and don’t be an ass. Only by then God will reward you in public. That’s the things that I learned over the years. Helping people in secrecy, when they need the most, God will help you in the time of need. That’s how you can be a truly Christian.


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