Readable Tidbits March 27, 2010

Oh boy! This week was exciting, challenging, crazy and shocking. All embedded into one fierce roller coaster. So, faster your seatbelts, because this was a hell of a ride! First and most talked issue of the week:

Health Care Reform: Are we feeling cheated?

Many Democrats without Republican support created, edited and pass this bill on Sunday Night without thinking, analyzing and focus on what it suppose to do in the first place. Cover the more than 50 million uninsured who are facing financial disasters as well as defending and protecting insured individuals and families from fraudulent practices caused by big chain insurance companies.

My 50: In the end after all these debates, town hall meetings and these tea-bully baggers, the American people feel cheated. The bill eliminated the much needed Public Option, didn’t consider capping the prices on prescription drugs, tests and most important doctor visits to make it more fairly affordable to patients based on their income. Another thing they ignored was making infertility methods like in-vitro and other methods to be included and covered since they include abortion procedures.

Health Care Reform II: Violence is the answer

After the vote there’s consequences. Those who approve the bill, the next day their offices were vandalized, their e-mails and voicemails were full of hate letters, threats and insults.

My 50: Oh well! The revolution has started in the wrong direction. Blame Capitalism!

Sandra Bullock’s Tears:

Poor Sandra! Her husband Jesse James cheated with a skanky tattoo covered ho’ and that’s not all! There’s more “mistresses” ahead claiming they slept with this loser.

My 50: Another Tiger Woods? I don’t think so! At least Sandra has the brains to say to Jesse “Get the fuck out of my life, my career and my millions, asshole!” She’s a very independent woman who can get any man (in her class) she wanted. And finally she will win after all with a huge divorce settlement.

Dennis Hopper with Terminal Illness

Talented actor Dennis Hopper goes to the same luck as the late Patrick Swayze as he told the world he have terminal prostate cancer. The 73 year old is weighting a weak 99 pounds, showed at his ceremony to be one of the stars of Hollywood Walk of Fame.

My 50: My prayers for him and his family. But why he want a divorce from his wife?

Sad Ending for McMillen

Remember Constance McMillen, the student who wants to invite her girlfriend to her prom dressed in a tux and her school cancel the prom? Well, the judge in the case was unable to bring the prom back, but claims that McMillen’s rights has been violated. As the result, the teenager’ mental status started to decrease as she cannot sleep or eat and she’s on medications.

My 50: Like I say: A Friend is a dollar in a pocket. She’s a young brave woman and deserve all the support and respect she needs from her community instead of treating her like she’s not a part of it in other words like she have the plague. This backward community is a disgrace example of how to be racist, prejudiced and ignorant and it’s a shame to have people like that.

Final words and suggestions:

Buy or Rent this shocking documentary Food Inc. This interesting documentary shows the ugly thruth about food manufacturing and produce in America. Warning: Don’t eat anything while watching it. See ya next week!


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