How Can They Be So HEARTLESS?

Yesterday I saw a video on YouTube that shocked me, angers me and completely disappointed on how Americans treats their own.

A man who has a PDs and a Masters Degree, a former teacher named Bob who has Parkinson’s Disease for 15 years, step up in front of these ignorant group called the Teabaggers. This group consists on people who believe the poor, the uninsured and the insured who’s falling into a river of debts that are unable to pay shouldn’t get health care using their own tax money. They believe that if they want Health Care these group (that sadly is growing) have to “work” for it. What they did was insensitive, ruthless and yes, heartless to this old man.

Here’s what I don’t understand. How can we become like this? Why we don’t have the caring and the brotherhood towards others less fortunate? Oh yes, we can help the people in Haiti and Chile, but for helping our own we just rip them off to shreds. Did you know how many people died for lack of health care while these politicians were passing the ball or hot potato? Millions!

What will happens if Health Care Reform is denied? It will be a huge waste of money and time! And we’re stuck here with greedy ass private insurers CEO’s getting rich with the dead’s money.

By the way, here’s Bob’s words about Health Care.

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