New Readable Tidbits for Sat March 20, 2010

If you guys knew… I’m not new into the blogsphere. I’m a warrior for 6 years and counting. I used to write mostly everyday but since I have my busy schedule I just write Saturdays and Sundays. And let me tell you, my friends and enemies, this world is getting crazier than a minute. So what happened in the week? Let me see…

Walmart Racial Announcement Angers Troubled Community

My 50 Cents: Walmart stores have highly “advanced” cameras everywhere inside and outside of these stores. Start From it! Get the asshole and charged him/her with hate crime plus a public apology. So that’s what they did. The police dept. arrested a teen into the case. To avoid incidents like this, Walmart have to eliminate these easy to access phones around the store, enable mic, headphones for the employees with wireless capabilities and it’s all done.

Octumom is being evicted

My 50 Cents: Really? That means her tv reality show sucked balls and nobody will wants to see her crazy ass exploit her 14 children on their HDTV’s. Now Child Services, Can they please take her kids before she eats them?

Obama Bruised and Battered By The Media

My 50 Cents: If Obama was a white dude, Fox News (Faux News) would treat that man with respect, courtesy and letting the guy speak because he’s a president. But since he’s African-American Bret Baier, the so-called “reporter” for this sensationalist gossip network treated him like a criminal to the point President Barrack Obama couldn’t speak on his behalf. If I was Obama, I would call the Secret Service to show Bret the door and telling to not come back.

Tiger, Oh Tiger!

My 50 Cents: While his mistresses lost, Tiger Woods “won” on apologizing, practicing his golf skills and getting straightened on his Buddhism faith. Now everybody is glued on their TV’s to see if Tiger Woods is coming back to play golf at the masters. If he does, he will get all his lost sponsors back plus much more. But what about the other golfers?

Lady Gaga Ex-boyfriend sues her for 35 Million

My 50 Cents: You know why Madonna is a multimillion diva? Not because she’s a talented icon but because she uses her features very well towards producers. that’s what happened to Stefani Germanotta aka Lady Gaga. In order to get her career going she took advantage of producer Rob Fusari who helped her career soar. After that she dump the guy and Fusari like the man scorned wants revenge. So, Ladies in the music business if you want to be sucessful, sleep with producers.

Chris Brown Pleading For Mercy

My 50 Cents: Men who slap their wives, GF or significant others are nearly impossible to get their career back, period. He could cheat on Rihanna and his career shouldn’t be affected like golfer Tiger Woods. But when he did nearly kill his former Girlfriend, his third CD Graffiti didn’t quite sell well. Radio Stations don’t support him and that’s why he’s starting to lose his income. Remember Ike Turner anyone? What he needs is a serious Public Relations expert to help him get out of his hell hole he caused.

Gas Prices Up, Many People Down

Yesterday (Friday) when I went to go to work, I always fill my gas at the local Conoco in a undisclosed town. As soon as I read the prices, I was stunned. It went from $2.89 to $2.99. So, I fill the usual, $10.00 to go 50 miles to where I work and in the afternoon I decided to fill the tank once again at Costco to avoid paying extra at those normal gas stations. My friends and enemies, if you have a Costco, Albertsons, Safeway Card and has a gas station nearby, USE IT! It will save in the long run. As soon as I reach Costco, the lines were humongous with tons of cars and people waiting in line to fill their cars. A month earlier it wasn’t that hectic. But since there’s no laws against gas control prices, these companies are slicing and dicing on our budget constantly. Where the government is gonna step up and help hard worker earners?

Catch me next week for another Tidbits to bitch. Have a nice week everyone!

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