Readable Tidbits

Here’s what happened over this past week:

Another last Round from Obama’s Fight to get his Health Care Reform Aproved

Now folks this is an downhill battle since the beginning when the President said that he will make these greedy insurance bastards pay for their patients suffering even death by making them accountable, not the government. And since Barrack Obama started steppin’ up in the front, oh my gosh! It turned into a no hold barred war where sadly the insurance companies are winning. Imagine that!  Private corporations who spoil rotten their CEO’s while stealing billions of dollars from struggling ill families and they have been doing that since decades! Can Americans know what’s going on and support this reform?

Lesbian Teenager can’t go to the Prom… Neither her classmates

In a ignorant town in Mississippi, Candance McMillen has been ripped of her rights to participate at her prom because of her sexual orientation. The Itawamba County Agricultural High School cancel the prom because of their retarded explanation it will cause a distraction. What distraction? The fact that it will prove that this school district and the community is tolerant not only toward other races but sexual orientation among students. But instead it’s all the opposite. A town with backward morals and fucked up decisions made Candace sue the school for interfering with her rights. But yes, there’s a happy ending to it after all, a hotel manager from New Orleans offered his property to host a free prom for their students and admired McMillen for standing up for what she believes.

A Very Common Ending

After years of drug abuse and unsuccessful tactics to go to rehab, last Wednesday,  former 80’s teen actor Corey Haim passed away. Many people were speculating it was because of a drug overdose, but the real of it was his long time drug usage that caused him a enlarged heart among other conditions that took his life in the end. Now it’s about his illegal prescription pills that goes around a drug ring in the states. The problem with these movie stars is that the younger they are, the troubled they will become unless they have the proper coaching to not get so affected by the stresses of Hollywood. One of these successful stories is Drew Barrymore. Read her bio on Wikipedia.

I love being invisible

One of my attributes of being dark-skinned is that the opposite sex doesn’t bother me at all. And I mean AT ALL! When I go to places like a mall, fast food joint, or in other cases libraries. In a place that men accept blonds than chocolate skin, I got used to being ignored so much I got denied by e-harmony three times. Why society always puts the “beauty” on white skin rather than any skin? Brown is beautiful, isn’t it?


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