I will write on WordPress When I can

Xanga really bores me period. My friends are starting to fade away from oblivion so I rather write my posts here if you don’t mind and make a little bit of ruckus and chaos to make you think what the fuck in really going in this wretched country.

First of all I hate this word of today. Immigrant. For me, Immigrant is a individual coming to live from another country who have a different kind of government and rules and decided to emigrate to a country that has better quality of life, choices, rules and government. Puerto Rico is a US Territory under the US Commonwealth. Although we’re US Citizens, we’re not able to vote for the President. We can travel to the US with no problems whatsoever until now when every one should carry a Passport. But by my understanding we’re not Immigrants. Imagine you’re moving from one state to another state, can that person will be calling an Immigrant? I don’t think so! Mostly, they call this or that person He’s from Kentucky or Virginia or Washington. Why a Puerto Rican can be saying the same instead of just calling the I-word? It makes me feel offended, and it makes every Puerto Rican offended.


One thought on “I will write on WordPress When I can

  1. ellos no entienden la diferencia entre inmigrante que viene de otro pais y migrante que es dentro del mismo pais los puertorriquenos somos migrantes lo cual es cualquiera que viva dentro del pais y se cambie de pueblo es que son tan brutos nena

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